3 kids, a baby & husband.

The title sums this blog post up, ha! I’m starting this blog to let others know you’re not alone in this crazy fast paced world, especially when you are a mom.

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. – Abraham Lincoln

The past year has brought drastic change to my life, not that that’s something new. As of February 2018 I have been a stay at home mom of four. I am a step mom of two boys, my daughter and our son I gave birth to in April 2018. You are probably thinking that must be so easy, going from full time working mom to stay at home mom. It can be at times but there are some moments you feel you just don’t get a break, ya know? So here we are today, the day I am deciding to dedicate a little time for myself. A place I can escape and just let it all out, because for the rest of my day I have to pretend I have my stuff together and be strong for these little ones and my husband who works very hard to support us.

Our oldest is 12 and he is starting that pre teen stage/teenager attitude. It’s cute and funny at times but oh man just makes me think of what lies ahead. ☺ Our second oldest is 6, she thinks she’s a teenager already and is very bossy but in that non harmful way. Then we have our 5 year old son who is just as innocent as can be. He plays in his own world of transformers and we do everything for him. And last but definitely not least is our son who is 9 months and is by far the baby of the family. He is growing fast and is loved so much. He is the one who brought our family from blended to whole, since the day we told our 3 we were expecting.

Now time to focus on my husband, it feels like this was his calling. He is so amazing with the kids. Such a loving father and then still has time for me at the end of his long day. He works a very physical job and long hours and still comes home with a smile on his face, plays with the kids before dinner and still wants to watch a movie or show at the end of the night for our time. I can’t make this up ladies, I feel blessed when I think about how he handles so many situations and is such a positive individual. We always say we found each other for a reason and I truly believe in that and love now.

Okay, so we have the introductions down lol. My day to day life is focusing on these 5 people. I absolutely love it, I hope and wish to stay at home as long as we can handle that. They say, “A stay at home mom should make a hundred an hour.” According to my husband and son who came home and told me they heard this on the radio. I laughed. It is a full time job, but with no pay. That is fine, I don’t struggle with that. I struggle with the fact that I don’t have the second income to help out anymore. To go and do as many fun things as we used to. I feel guilt on my heart and think there has to be some way I can help out financially. I wonder if this is a common feeling for a SAHM? If so let me know. I want to bring awareness to all that us moms do, plus figure out a easier way to financially help.

This morning my husband came in our room before leaving to work, to inform me he got a text from our landlord saying our rent is increasing in March if we decide to stay. We both looked at each other, on the same page and said, “It’s time to go!” We need a bigger place and to pay more here it’s not worth it to us. As of today we are looking for our home that we want to stay in while we raise our children, one that suites us and provides enough space.

This is just one of the many dilemmas we are dealing with. If you want to learn more about our crazy big blended family keep following! Thank you for stopping by and reading my very first blog post. I hope to grow and interact with some mommy friends! Thanks again!